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Bunny Body Cocktails: King Ting

Bunny Body Cocktails: King Ting

The KING TING is a combo of products that lead with rich, dark notes designed to leave a lasting impression.

The mystery of black rose and oud with a splash of aromatic bourbon and creamy vanilla results in a heady composition sure to be burned into several people’s memories. Here’s how you get it:

Start with a deep rose body wash like Byredo's Rose of No Man's Land.

Follow with Glaze Dry Body Oil in Papi as a boozy foundational layer.

Seal in the moisture with Sussex Body Butter (and throw in a little Rose and Pink Pepper for razzle dazzle).

And finally top off with Swiss Arabian’s Shaghaf Oud, an spicy oriental fragrance that is “fresh off a private jet in Dubai” level of elegance. Warning: This fragrance is a BEAST so don’t overspray!