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A Note From the Founder

"You can't go to the gym for your face, but you can give it some moral support".

Haus Urban is where natural technology meets apothecary inspired design. It's a love letter to artists daring to live their dream, a means of providing comfort to those who create to make the world a better place. Bringing Haus Urban to life has been the adventure of a lifetime that couldn't have happened if it weren't for a life lived in and around the performing arts. The range is a testament to self actualization and sheer belief.

While we test our product on the most celebrated bodies and faces, the question I get all the time is "Do I have to be a performer to use it?". The short answer is "no". Anyone looking to feel and look (and smell!) their personal best can be apart of the natural revolution.

Natural doesn't have to mean granola. I'm committed to giving you the kind of product you actually like pulling out of your bag, and keeps you prepared for whatever may come your way.

Ready for your glow up? 

Hassan Sayyed
Founder, Haus Urban