"You can't go to the gym for your face, but you can give it some moral support".


I'm often asked who Haus Urban is for, and honestly, the answer has changed over the years. What started as a mission to serve performing artists has morphed into something bigger. A new, pandemic-changed life calls for higher commitment to ourselves and our well beings, with creators of all types leading the charge. There is so much power in what we make, what we share and how we feel about ourselves on any given day. That is why I've made the quiet commitment to expand Haus Urban in intention and approach. While we still have your favorite things, it's no longer just about skincare: Haus Urban is a wellness focused lifestyle brand.

This small shift in thinking has allowed me to look at what's possible in other categories, but also find ways to improve the wellness space both currently and for the long haul.

My hope is that in the language, the packaging, the site and the experience, you have an opportunity to see yourself.

Ready for your glow up? 

Hassan Sayyed
Founder, Haus Urban