Heather Hoodie Roll-On Perfume Oil

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Our perfume oil blends are designed to stay close to the body so you can wear it, and it won't wear you. Oils react with your own natural chemistry so each fragrance is a personal adventure.

Caprylic Capric Triglycerides (MCT Oil), Parfum (contains natural essential oils and extracts).

Apply generously to pressure points, behind ears, knees, or anywhere else you'd like. 

Waking up in crisp but tangled sheets, you notice your favorite person is no longer next to you. You grab their hoodie, pull it on, and sleep a little longer…Only to be awaken by said person, breakfast in one hand, the other trying to pull their favorite hoodie off your body.

    Heather Hoodie stirs you awake with a calming Eucalyptus, grounded with Cardamom and Oakwood. The heart of Cedarwood is then draped in tree moss that dries down to a spicy musk.