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What It Does
The Bunny Band is designed to simplify your daily and nightly routine.

Skincare + Makeup: Perfect for keeping your hair out of your face, and your product out of your hair. Ideal for backstage/photoshoot prep. 

Hair Styling: Styled your hair, and ready to move on to makeup but worried about flyaways, dents, or disturbed edges? Put on your Bunny Band, protect your style and beat your face! Also great for protecting natural styles.

Made Of

Made of a luxurious microfiber that's lightweight and soft, the wire insert allows for full customization for comfort. You can adjust accordingly to avoid it being too tight, falling off, or snagging.

One Size
4 3/4" x 32"
Hand wash cold/dry flat

How To Use

Hold the ears of the Bunny Band in each hand, wrap around the back of the head and tuck the ears however you like! You can also twist the ears to the back and wear it bandana style if you'd like more coverage at the hairline.