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Finding Pure Shores

September 14, 2015 2 min read

The fragrance journey to what is now known as “Pure Shores” was an interesting one. How does one capture the beauty and charm of Hawaii in a way that hasn’t been done before? My obsession with Plumeria began in high school, having spent countless afternoon dance practices spent with a gaggle of beauty obsessed girls decked out in Roxy. It was the era of the "2 for $16" lotion promo at the mall, so plumeria and hibiscus hold a very special nostalgia. That said, that take on island life was a fast and loose, SoCal interpretation of what Hawaii was more than anything, so it wasn’t going to fly for this particular product. 

 I then began to look at other beachy scents, but felt like coconut and sunscreen was a creative copout. It then occurred to me to start to research indigenous plant life to the island itself. I began crafting a master list that I then whittled down, based on what brought me closest to what it’s like to experience Polynesian hospitality, and the simple joy of enjoying the best of nature’s spoils. As I began mixing and matching, I found that the formulating process with this one wasn’t as intense as it usually is with other blends. It either was right or it wasn’t.  What I settled on was a distinct but simple duo of Pikake and Orange Blossom. Pikake (a favorite of Princess Kaiulani who gave the flower it’s name) is often worn on Leis by brides, hula dancers, and guests of honor. Orange Blossom is a pretty bitter orange fragrance (think of that Orange Sour Patch Kid, on street drugs), but it pairs nicely with Pikake as it mellows out some of the sweetness. Orange blossom is also heavily associated with good fortune, so energetically it was match. Once I felt like I nailed the fragrance, I put it to it’s final tests: A. Blending it in with the body butter and seeing if all the notes held up. They did. B. Slathering myself in the newly blended batch and then heading out into a humid NYC day. The dry down was subtle but lingering, and every time I lifted my arms I got a little trip to Hawaii. Mission accomplished.